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Canyons of Almaty region

Almaty Region is rich indifferent mountain-buildings and steppe metamorphoses of the nature, including canyons, which are, mainly, located in the proximity of basins of Charyn and Temirlik Rivers. But there also canyons that are not directly related to rivers. 

Moon Canyon
Maybe, only to those people who just visited palaces and towers of the Valley of Castles, shadowy groves of the Temirlik River Canyon and the Moon Landscape, incredibly reminding the surface of the Moon with its in animation and unusual streamlined forms, all multifacetedness of our Charyn opens.  During the time of excursion, you will visit the Kurtorgay Stow, walk to the Charyn River through the Moon Valley – a canyon from yellow loam with the unique in its singularity and rotundity landscape, which does not have a single sharp angle.   

Several gorges abut to the Charyn River Canyon. One of them – Bestamak, which can be translated as “five isthmuses”. This gorge is between the Valley of Castles and the Temirlik River Canyon.  The intermittent Bestamak River has its effluent on the slopes of the Kuluktau Range. The river bed is dry the most of the year. Only during spring snow melting or after rare, but abundant precipitations, torrential streams, which for millions of years grinded in the soft rock this deep and very picturesque canyon, rush in its bed. 

Day one
  • Departure from Almaty at 07:00 a.m. 
  • Excursion through the Valley of Castles of Charyn Canyon (5 km). Rest on a bank of the Charyn River. 
  • Transfer and excursion through the Moon Canyon. 
  • Visit of three view in points: panorama of the Moon Canyon, the Charyn River and the top view to the Valley of Castles.
  • Transfer to Bestamak Canyon, excursion through the canyon, evening meal, and overnight stop. 
Day two
  • Breakfast and transfer to Temirlik Canyon, descending in the canyon in jeeps. 
  • Tracking through the canyon (3 km).
  • Arrival in Almaty at 05:00 p.m. 

A jeep safari in the form of a “wild holiday” in winter and in warm time of the year (overnight accommodation in tents in Bestamak Canyon, preparation of hot meals by a guide) -  from 35 000 tenges. 
In winter time, the tour is available with visiting of the Ash Grove and thermal springs. The overnight accommodation is provided in Ecopark Recreational Facility (former Kudus Recreational Facility). The cost of the tour for one tourist in the winter period with overnight accommodation in Ecopark Recreational Facility is from 50 000 tenges.

The cost includes transport, services of a Russian/Kazakh speaking guide, ecological duty, meals, dwelling in tents, and rent of equipment (tent, mat, table, chair, utensils, and sleeping-bag). Additional options: an English speaking guide - 15 000 tenges for a group of tourists.

We provide the option of driving a car by a tourist on route. The conditions of hiring are discussed at request and in the presence of needed skills and a driving license of such tourist. 
You can order the tour making a call to Travel Club Company:
telephone +7 (727) 258 51 17,
fax: +7 (727) 258 10 36, or sending your request by email: