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Asy Plateau

In the Ile-Alatau National Park, there is a lovely nature nook – Turgen Gorge. The gorge goes inland for 44 km to the huge Asy Plateau (2560 m).
In old time, caravans took course here from Europe to the east – to China and India. Turgen Gorge is glorious by its waterfalls and relic Chin-Turgen mossy spruce forests growing on the permafrost, conifer forests and mixed woods, alpine and subalpine meadows, lakes and springs, medicinal plant and berries. 

The plateau is located within the limits of the heights of 2800-3200 meters. Here, the signs of presence of human beings of more than 5000-year antiquity were discovered, of both nomadic and sedentary life. In the upper part of the plateau, an astrophysical observatory was built with one of the biggest in the world telescopes.  


  • Departure from Almaty at 08:00 a.m. 
  • Transfer to Kokpek Pass, break at Bartogay Artificial Lake. 
  • Ascent to the pass, break at Red Rocks – the beginning of Charyn Canyon, photo session. 
  • Motor tour through the valley of the Asy River, crossing several wades. 
  • Break for lunch in the area of Zhenizhke Pass. 
  • Visiting of Asy-Turgen Astronomic Observatory.  
  • Descent from Asy Plateau to Turgen Valley. 
  • Arrival in Almatyat 08:00 p.m.


A trip in jeeps- 12 000 tenges for one tourist (without meals), 15 000 tenges, including lunch. 

The cost includes transport, services of a Russian / Kazakh speaking guide, ecological duty, meals (depending on the option), additional option: an English speaking guide - 10 000 tenges.

We provide the option of driving a car by a tourist on route. The conditions of hiring are discussed at request and in the presence of needed skills and a driving license of such tourist. 
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telephone +7 (727) 258 51 17,
fax: +7 (727) 258 10 36, or sending your request by email: