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Tamgaly Tas and the City of Nomads

Tamgaly Tas means, if translated from Kazakh, “rocks with signs” or “pictures (inscriptions) on rocks", and they are more known among people аs “pictured cliffs". On the right bank of the Ile River, there are about 1000 different rock carvings that are attributed to the late Middle Ages, they are petroglyphs, images of deities, Buddhist inscriptions, among which the most famous image is that of three Buddhist deities.

The holy text, attributed by historians to the XII century "Ohm mane padme hum" ("snowy pearl in a lotus flower" or "Blessed be the Born from lotus”) is carved in Sanskrit under the pictures.  The inscriptions on the rocks are made in Tibetan and Kalmyk.  According to the legend, in the X century, a march of Buddhist missions to Semirechye took place. When they reached the Ile River, an earthquake happened, and a big block of a cliff fell down. This event was considered by the Buddhists as a sign to return home to India.  They carved on the split-off piece of rock three images of Buddha. Nearby, on the adjacent rocks, some other his images were carved as well. Another legend says that the inscriptions were left by the Kalmyks on “todorhoi nomyn bichig” (“clear literary writing”), which was created by Oirat enlightener Zaya Pandita in 1648 and was used for more than three centuries by Mongols – nomads, who carved Buddha images. Modern legends are stemmed from the belief that this area is anomalous. Local inhabitants come here to receive treatment. They say that if you lean against the Buddha image, you can recover.
The City of Nomads
Some time ago, decorations of a medieval city on the bank of the Ile River were built for picture-taking of The Nomads Film, which became a milestone in the cinematograph of Kazakhstan. You bet: enormous budget, Hollywood stars in the leads. The film was demonstrated in cinema theaters “with a bang”. And the decorations were left. After The Nomads, they were spotted, for example, in the popular blockbuster “Day Watch”.


  • Departure from Almaty at 09:00 a.m. 
  • Arrival to Tamgaly Tas Stow. Walk in the gorge to the petroglyphs, photo session. Ascent to the up land for a better view of the area. 
  • Light meals and rest on a bank of the Ile River. 
  • Transfer to the City of Nomads. 
  • Familiarization with the City of Nomads, walk inside of the City. 
  • Gathering at the minivans (jeeps) and departure to Almaty.  
  • Arrival in Almaty at 05:00 p.m. 

A trip in comfortable minivans (Mersedes Sprinter) - 9 000 tenges.

A trip in jeeps - 9 000 tenges. Note: a trip in jeeps of shorter in time on route. 

The cost includes transport, services of a Russian/Kazakh speaking guide, ecological duty.  

Additional options: an English speaking guide - 10 000 tenges. 

The Company can provide lunch for the additional cost of  3 000 tenges for one tourist.

We provide the option of driving a car by a tourist on route. The conditions of hiring are discussed at request and in the presence of needed skills and a driving license of such tourist. 
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