Museum of cosmonautics in Baikonur

Baikonur Cosmodrome

Bring yourself into the most interesting world. The world of the cosmonautics!


Baikonur is a very important place in the history of space exploration. The first manned launch in the world was provided in this place. It is called "Gagarin's start"

We offer you visit Baikonur at any time (it is not obligatory to go for launch, we are glad to show you the objects at any time convenient to you)

  • The total area is 7000 square km
  • 2 SC act for launches of heavy class SV 2 SV ‘Proton’, the start complex for middle class rocket “Zenith’», 2 SC for launches of ‘Soyuz’ rockets, and also launching silos. 
  • 7 operations and checkout buildings are operated
  • 2 filling and neutralization stations for filling-in CRs and SVs with components of rocket fuels and compressed gases are operated. 
  • Oxygen-nitrogen plant
  • Work of spaceport grounds and access to them is provided by: communication system 500 km of railtways and kn of motorways more than 6 thousand km of PTL
3 Days of visiting historical places, museums and starting complexes!
Price : 180 000 tenge