Will Kazakhstani cities be able to overtake Paris in romantic tourism?

Adventures Askar Tuleev 15 October 2018

In the TOP-5 romantic cities of the CIS, popular for tourist trips on weekends, Astana took second place, losing only to Tbilisi. For the Georgian capital, as the most romantic city of the near abroad, 33 percent of the votes were cast for travel, 14 percent for Astana, Baku and Minsk, and 10 percent for Chisinau.

Смогут ли казахстанские города обогнать Париж по романтическому туризму?

Analytical agency "TurStat" conducted an online survey to compile a rating of the most romantic cities of neighboring countries for romantic travels of Russian tourists on weekends and holidays.

According to him, in the top 5 romantic cities of the CIS, popular for tourist trips on weekends, Astana took second place, losing only to Tbilisi. For the Georgian capital as the most romantic city of the near abroad, 33 percent of the votes were cast for traveling, 14 for Astana, Baku and Minsk, and 10 percent for Chisinau.

The rating of the most romantic cities also included the southern capital of our republic  Almaty, which received 5 percent of the vote.

It is worth noting that this rating quickly spread across the Kazakh media. In this regard, the correspondent of the media portal Caravan.kz contacted the partner of one of the travel companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Askar TULEEV.

An expert in the tourism field explained to us how objective this rating is and whether Kazakhstani cities fairly took their positions in it.

“I saw this list that circled the news space of Kazakhstan,” Tuleev noted at the beginning of the conversation.  Even the fact that Astana came in second place smiled at me. It seems to me that this is a rather strange list, because Almaty, for example, is an order of magnitude more romantic for weekend trips than Astana. Almaty has more natural beautiful places; over the weekend you can change the picture for the eyes from snow-capped peaks, mountain lakes and hot, desert steppes to walks in the city center.

Almaty has a greater number of warm days when people can just walk outside. After all, walks along the streets in a beautiful city  this is the main part of romance on trips. Therefore, in my opinion, this list should have been headed by Almaty. Of course, I am biased because I love Almaty. But you asked, I answered.

I think Astana could become a city for a romantic trip in the summer, when there is an opportunity to walk along the street and see the beautiful buildings of the new generation, compare the old city and the new city, take a walk along the new pedestrian bridge. But in the cold season, I do not seem romance. I'm sorry.

 What factors could be key in compiling this rating?

 In general, romance in a city as a definition for tourism is a mandatory presence of comfort on city streets. Low car traffic, quiet pedestrian streets, bike paths, small eateries with flyers for 4-5 tables, and not huge barbecue areas that are popular with our mass-market restaurateurs.

Small bazaars, fruit shops and generally developed street food culture  all these factors affect the comfort in the city. And not only for "weekend tourists", but also for local residents as well. Nobody is pleased to walk along a wide noisy highway with the lack of benches, wine boutiques and the opportunity to buy a fresh bouquet of flowers for their companion.

And what factors were taken into account by the compilers of this rating, it is difficult for me to imagine.

 Tell us, what are the main features of romantic tourism in Kazakhstan? How developed is it? And is he really at such a high level that he was able to overtake other major cities?

 Of course not. Kazakhstan, especially in the field of romantic tourism, is completely undeveloped. Judging objectively, not a single city in Kazakhstan can now be a competitor for cities such as St. Petersburg or Baku. It seems to me, if the concept is developed correctly, Aktau could become our city of romance. A small city by the sea, beautiful landscapes are already there, you only need to work on the development of streets and atmosphere in the city as a whole.

The idea of ​​romantic tourism could invite people from all over the world to Kazakhstan if we pay more attention to historical buildings and important historical sites in the city. So that every street breathes legends. And not only the legends of the historical formation of Kazakhstan, as is customary now to show Kazakhstan to tourists around the world. For tourists, stories about people who live in a certain location would be interesting. I know for sure that in every corner of Kazakhstan where a tourist can go, there is always something to tell about local residents who left their mark in their city.

We can say that romantic tourism in Kazakhstan is not developed at all now. What does an average tourist imagine when he mentions a romantic trip? Of course Paris. And this is not because the French only think about love and hearts. This is a well-pumped brand in its once competently accepted concept of tourism development. As a concept for attracting tourists, it worked. And here, in general, everything works for the development of tourism - business, fashion, shopping, hotels and famous shows, which the whole world knows about. They just did it many, many years ago, and we are starting to work in this direction only now” — Mr. Tuleev said at the end of the conversation.


Posted by: Salavat Gwalia, caravan.kz

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